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Carpets tiles


Interface is the biggest producer of commercial carpet tiles in the world. As a market leader in terms of design and innovative solutions we have outstanding achievements in implementing the idea of sustainable development. Since its implementation in 1996 we have reduced co2 emmision in our factories in Europe by 98% and achieved zero water consumption in the production process. The most important benefits of using a modular fitted carpet are assembly losses limited to a minimum, the possibility to replace particular tiles and the ease of maintenance. TacTiles, the glueless assembly system used in Interface products guarantees a clean and efficient installation without being exposed to unpleasant smell of glue. Interface modular fitted carpets are available in a square shape and as Skinny oblong tiles.

Planks can be used to create uniform, homogenious surface as well as eclectic, personalized design. Since the 50s, when a carpet tile was invented, design has come a long way and subsequent versions of our products have been inspired by both science and current trends. When creating new products we rely on biomimetic – a science that adapts in engineering mechanisms occuring in nature. Directionless patterns are one of the effects of this inspiration. Tiles are designed in such a way that their laying create random patterns, just like in nature. Thanks to that, replacing a single tile eliminates the need to look for a missing element with a specific pattern, thus reducing installation time and assembly losses.